Breaking the Stereotypes of UT Majors: Theatre

I am a theater major, I’m a male and I’m straight. Yes, it is possible. In fact, I find that most stereotypes about theatre and performing arts majors seem to focus on a portion of us that doesn’t reflect who we are at our core. People seem to end up at these conclusions because these select human beings that seem to represent us are really, really loud. Like screechy. And glass-shattering. But that ain’t me.

I’ve been performing on stage since the fourth grade, and have attended arts magnet schools for my entire education. The last time I went to a school without an arts focus was kindergarten. This is crazy to some, but was normal to me and my group of friends. That doesn’t mean my life was “Glee.” In fact, I’m an awful singer, and instead prefer to play bass. I love folk rock and Kanye West. I went through a brief metal period. It was a darker time and I prefer not to discuss it.

I get it though, this image of a male theater major as a shimmying tenor in a v-neck screaming indignantly about the role some “stupid freshman” got, runs rampant in pop culture and occasionally rears it’s ugly head at schools like UT. But it can’t define us. It doesn’t fit me.

So what if I memorize a few monologues here and there. We might have huge egos, and we might prance a bit more than most, but we took science classes too. We’re human beings, not caricatures.

I read books. And I love baseball. And I only own one v-neck, thank you very much.

This article can be found here as it was originally published in The Minaret.