Critics Still Targeting Winter Haven’s Lake Howard Trail Project

WINTER HAVEN | The bold, red-lettered signs are more sparse. City Commission meetings these days see no congregations of angry residents. The second phase of the Lake Howard Trail is coming soon, but groans have grown quieter.

“Is it a foregone conclusion? Maybe,” said Dennis Krueger, a Lake Howard homeowner who has been one of the loudest voices against the city’s proposed project.

He hasn’t completely given up hope the city won’t go through with building the 8-foot-wide asphalt trail scheduled on city right of way, right in front of his home, at 1335 Lake Howard Drive.

“Maybe someday they’ll have to come in and rip it out after a lawsuit,” Krueger added.

Residents have expressed concern about a number of issues with the trail, including how the increased pedestrian traffic will affect litter in the lake, how eliminating a parking lane on Lake Howard Drive will affect traffic safety, and how much money the city is going to actually spend to complete the project.

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