Best of the Bays

Best Demolition:

The walls of Baywalk

Sorry, Bill Edwards, but you missed a spot. Yeah, I admit, those couple walls were a good start, but hear me out. Sell some tickets, buy a couple barrels of gun powder and a fresh beginning; just blow it up, man. Baywalk is the only place in the world where protesters, 16-year-old “undesirables” with their caps on funny, and St. Pete ladies browsing White House Black Market could collide. This isn’t a good thing. I repeat: This is not a good thing. Sure it’s a lot prettier now, and it’s getting a new name, but it’ll never be a place I want to hang out.


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Best Local Tech Start-up:

Socks are no longer the worst gift you can get. If I open a card from a friend and there’s a gift certificate in there, I’m going to be pissed. Not like, “This is irritating” pissed. More like, “Have we known each other for six years? Don’t you know I hate Home Depot?” pissed. That’s where comes in. Founded by University of Tampa graduate Nick Chmura in 2011, the site went live with its updated version on August 15. Think Pinterest meets practical and creative gift shopping. Really interesting concept for those of us not satisfied with shitty effort.


This article can be found here as originally published in Creative Loafing.

Best Feel-Good Sports Story:

Eric LeGrand signing

At this point, everything Greg Schiano touches turns to gold. Players can’t stop raving about the new Bucs coach’s hard-ass attitude. His best moment, though, came in July when he helped orchestrate the signing of Eric LeGrand, one of his former players at Rutgers who was paralyzed in a 2010 game. Though he only officially remained on the roster for a few months, the signing gave the Tampa Bay franchise some kudos across the nation and fulfilled LeGrand’s dream of making the NFL. I got goosebumps from the press conference and found a great reason to became a Bucs fan again.


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Sugarland Preview

I think my Dad is in love with Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles, which may have something to do with why he jams Sugarland so loud in his car – but it could also be that the country duo (which also includes multi-instrumentalist Kristian Bush) is rather great, as “Stuck Like Glue” off their last album, 2010’s The Incredible Machine, illustrates. Its guitar-and-scatting intro segues into a poppy verse accented by Nettles’ Georgia twang, and the song features a borderline reggae bridge but is centered on a downright countrified hook. Country music fans love Sugarland because they write country, but music fans dig them because they’re pretty and fun.

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Adult Swim Singles debuts a new track from Flying Lotus with special guests

So what do you get when you put together a producing mastermind who specializes in ambient beats and an 18-year-old rapper fresh out of a therapeutic retreat for at-risk boys in Samoa? I’m still not quite sure, actually.

“Between Friends” is the newest single fromFlying Lotus, the experimental multi-genre producer behind much of the pre- and post-commercial electro bits on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. The track features Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt as well as a new mystery voice in Captain Murphy.

The song was released as part of 2012 Adult Swim’s singles program on Mon., July 23, and it’s created a modest internet stir most notably in conjunction with the return of Earl Sweatshirt. After the release of his 2010 debut album Earl when he was just 16, Sweatshirt basically disappeared for two years. Rumors swirled that he’d been sent to boarding school after his Mom heard his vulgar lyrics, but he’s been pretty quiet about the whole thing in interviews since his return, and his elusiveness is fascinating.

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