NPR Reads – Nick Cave

Once a week, different employees at NPR write about something they read recently that intrigued them. We call it #NPRreads. I wrote one about Nick Cave’s new album, and a solid track review in Pitchfork:

In my mind, all great records have a right place on the calendar. Not when they’re released necessarily, but when the world’s climate conforms to them.

Julien Baker’s Sprained Ankle is a winter record, Real Estate’s Days is a spring record, and Who Is Mike Jones is best enjoyed in the dog days of summer. This is inarguable.

Skeleton Tree, the grief-stricken new album from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, is an autumn masterpiece.

Sam Sodomsky captured the album’s “stirring core” track, called “I Need You,” in a review for Pitchfork this week:

“Cave drifts between half-recalled memories, placing them into a more fragmented mindset than his trademark, character-filled storytelling. He sees a red dress falling, a black car waiting. He’s standing in the doorway; he’s in line at the supermarket. The images never coalesce into a clear narrative, but they amount to something even greater: a lifetime flashing before your eyes, so sad and real that it could be your own.”

Skeleton Tree is a cool evening’s walk through a town where you’re surrounded by people, and known by no one. It’s a record tailor-made for you to watch the leaves fall.


ACP San Francisco

Hello all,

Just posting to announce that I’ve been selected to present a workshop during the 2013 Associated Collegiate Press Conference in San Francisco. My session will focus on long-form journalism (it’s not dead) and especially how it relates to sports. I’ll be joined by John Hilsenroth for a portion of the presentation as well.

Also, my apologies on the glaring lack of recent articles or posts here. I’ll be working over the next week to get my most recent published work reflected.



An Exciting Time

I’m hanging out, watching the Seattle skyscrapers turn grey from these inevitable Washington clouds. I’m blasting Alkaline Trio, getting ready to see the Experience Music Project and the Science Fiction Hall Of Fame, before these next three days that will be filled to the brim with journalism.

I find it appropriate that I’m launching my online portfolio while I’m here, at the Associated Collegiate Press’s National College Journalism Convention. I’m feeling pretty well about lots of things that are happening right now; it’s truly one of the most exciting times in my life.

I hope you enjoy what you read and be sure to contact me with any inquiries about anything.