San Fran Consistent In Every Way

The 49ers use an explosive defense to supplement for their plodding offense.

Yes, I know the Giants stomped them. Yes, I know Christian Ponder beat them too. But the 49ers are for real, and we’re all going to see it very soon.

What I love most about San Francisco, is that they play a consistent brand of football. They have a strategy that’s been proven effective and they don’t care that they got smoked by Eli Manning, they’re going to run it out there next week, knowing Russell Wilson is going to be ineffective.

The Niners rank first in the NFL in total defense, but most importantly, they rank second in passing defense. The league has become so pass heavy, that unless a team finds effective ways to stop the throw, no lead is going to be safe. In their four wins combined, San Francisco’s allowed just 28 second half points to be scored against them, and more than half of those came in their week one shootout with Green Bay.

Having allowed just two rushing touchdowns all season long, as well as just one 100-yard rusher (the Giants’ Ahmad Bradshaw), it’s simply hard to put up points against this team.

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